Commercial Drone Operator, Musician, Film & Television Composer

Russell Spurlock is an expert pilot who has been flying for over 20 years. In 2012 he turned his skills to drones and hasn't looked back. From Top Gear America to action sports, yachts, and commercial real estate, Russell has experience in almost every situation. He pilots and DPs on our Inspire 2s, and can put our FPV drones in the center of the most demanding action. Russell is night rated and able to pull waivers for nearly any location and situation.

Russell has partnered with Emmy Award winning Executive Producer, Rick Ringbakk to form Furious Pugs, a full featured Drone operation.

Top Gear America

Since 2020, Russell has served as Drone Operator on the new incarnation of Top Gear America featuring hosts Dax Shepard, Rob Courddry and Jethro Bovingdon... Oh, and The Stig.
Top Gear America

Furious Pugs Videos

Composer Reel

photo by Nicola Buck - Nicola Buck Photography An experienced and intuitive multi-instrumentalist and composer with a wide range of credits covering nearly every genre imaginable, from huge, lush orchestral scoresto gritty rock and roll, from twangy swamp rock to EDM. Russell has not only composed and performed the scored for shows such as the Emmy winning ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’ for ABC, but has also composed and performed the title themes for 7 of those same shows. Russell scored the award winning documentary, ‘Kelly’ in 2012 and has composed for several other scripted projects in the moments between TV projects, short-form commercials and infomercials. In 2017 / 2018 he scored the feature documentary "Olompali: A Hippie Odyssey", which premiered at the Marin County Film Festival to great acclaim.

CLICK HERE to check out Russell's latest musical project, headband.

Career Highlights

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The Mountain Lion and Me Smithsonian Watch Trailer
JungleTown ViceLand Watch On ViceLand
Watch the Trailer
Mind Field
YouTube Red
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Separation Anxiety
Primetime Game Show

Series Format Cues  
Title Theme - (password=’SepX’)

Fight of the Living Dead 2 YouTube Red
2016 ->

Original songs:
   Zombie Hula
   Latin Zombie Fight

Santas In The Barn TruTV
2015 ->

Background score and library cues
Main Title Sequence

Wake up Call TNT
2014 - 2015

Background score and library cues
Main Title Sequence

King Of The Nerds TBS
2013 - 2015

Background score and library cues
Scoring Sample – throne room scene
Main Title SequenceEnd Theme

Bet On Your Baby
Primetime Game Show

2013 - 2014

Series Format Cues
Main Title Sequence

The Hero TNT

Background score and library cues
Scoring Sample – The Rock Arrives
Title Theme

Duck Dynasty A&E
2012 ->

Library Cues
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Season 1 Emmy Win
2010 - 2011

Full score (average 40+ minutes of music per episode)
Scoring Sample – series final scene
Title Theme

Car Lot Rescue Spike

Background score and library cues

The Phone


Background score

Olompali: A Hippie Odyssey


Feature Documentary


DocLands Official Selection

This film allowed me to develop a subtle theme and a dark soundscape. The piano motif develops throughout the film and culminates with the end titles cue, Wayfaring Stranger, which uses the traditional lyrics with new original music and melody

Tom's Creation Plantation
Surf Film

Film clip -
Sweet As
Short Film

Film clip -
Russell has composed music for numerous short-form and long-form advertising for clients such as:
Cancer Treatment Centers of America  
NRG Solar  
St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital  
The Humane Society of America  
Smile Train  
WGU - Western Governors University  

Film Score - Kelly

'Kelly' won Best Drama Documentary Feature in the Atlanta Doc Festival

This is the score from the award winning documentary, 'Kelly'. The score is mostly textural and dark, though the first and last tracks are 'songs'. Throughout the score, a melodic theme develops via a haunting and sparse piano motif which comes full circle in the final track, 'Wayfaring Stranger'. The director had his heart set on using the traditional 'Wayfaring Stranger', a traditional spiritual/folk song from the early 19th century that has been recorded and interpreted musically hundreds of times, for the end of the film. Russell used the traditional lyrics and composed new original music for it, building on the musical themes that had been established throughout the film.

Much of this score is low and subtle, so you may need to turn up the volume to hear a lot of it.


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